Western District


Welcome to Virtual Camp Amaras!

Camp Amaras is AGBU’s annual summer day camp in Los Angeles. This year, given the impact of the pandemic, we will launch a virtual version of Camp Amaras. Virtual camp will provide free activities shared on social media, as well as engaging guided activities with our subscription boxes!

Our regular camp serves children ages 3-12, our aim is to continue serving this wide age range by including activities that can be entertaining for kids of all ages.

Subscription Boxes

Once a week you and your camper can come by our Center to pick up your subscription box. Each box will include a number of crafts and activities including one interactive activity. Your camper can log in once a week to connect with an instructor and other campers.

Each Wednesday, we will host an interactive Zoom session which will provide at least 30-minutes of guided activity for the campers. Campers will be given an opportunity to engage with their peers for a short portion of the time and share their work at the end of the session. These Zoom calls will be secured private calls that are only open to campers who have subscribed to that week’s box.

The activities will cover a variety of subjects, with a strong focus on: arts, crafts, science, cooking, among others with a splash of Armenian culture!

Important Dates & Subscription Costs:

June 29 - August 22 (8 weeks) $30/week

June 29 4-6pm
July 6 4-6pm
July 13 4-6pm
July 20 4-6pm
July 27 4-6pm
August 3 4-6pm
August 10 4-6pm
August 17 4-6pm
July 1 4pm
July 8 4pm
July 15 4pm
July 22 4pm
July 29 4pm
August 5 4pm
August 12 4pm
August 19 4pm
*Pick ups are at the AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Center in Pasadena (2495 E. Mountain St., Pasadena 91104).

Boxes are limited! Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your kids to connect and engage this summer!